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Services Available

Client Therapeutic Services

Here at Enfys, we offer counselling and therapeutic services to children, young people and adults. Our therapists are qualified, insured, DBS checked and registered professionals; this includes any therapists who hire Enfys therapy rooms.

We provide a confidential and non-judgemental space where you can discuss and reflect upon your experiences, thoughts and feelings; in the hope that together with your therapist you can explore ways to help you move forward.

Our therapy rooms are calm, comfortable, spacious and confidential.

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Therapeutic Services for Children and Young People

Both Lucy and Gina have many years of training and experience working therapeutically with children and young people within a range of different settings.

Children often use play and creativity as methods of communication. Within sessions, we adopt a child-led approach and we have many creative resources available to use.

The use of creative resources and play within therapy help facilitate the exploration of thoughts, feelings, and past and present experiences. With the appropriate conditions provided, this approach can promote emotional, physical and cognitive wellbeing for the child.

Group Work

Enfys offers support groups for children, young people and adults.

Support groups offer participants a space to connect with others and provide the opportunity to both give and receive support in a facilitative environment. Groups provide the opportunity to relate to others and their experiences.

Working in small groups can help individuals develop their communication skills, self-awareness and confidence.

Keep a look out for dates of upcoming support groups on the News and Events section of our website and/ or on our social media pages!


Session Information and Cost

For one-to-one therapy we offer a free 30-minute initial assessment to give you the opportunity to decide if we are the right fit for you.

The initial meeting will also help us to establish whether our services are able to offer you the most appropriate support. If we feel another approach or service may be better suited to your needs, we would discuss this openly with you and signpost you as appropriate. 

The initial meeting will give you the space to ask any questions you may have without any pressure to move forward with our services.

Sessions should be regular and will be no more than once a week, for around 50 minutes. 

A space of one week between sessions allows time for reflection and processing between sessions.

A minimum of six sessions is recommended, however, you are entitled to withdraw your consent and end the therapy at any time you wish.

Therapy sessions with our in house, qualified and experienced Enfys therapists start from £45.

The cost of support groups is significantly lower and will be advertised when information of each group is released on our social media pages and our News and Events section on our website.

Please note: Our therapy rooms are up a flight of stairs; we are able to offer a telephone or online initial meeting to those who may not be able to access the Enfys Therapy Rooms. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.